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Beer House


Welcome to „Beer House“ – House where the beer lives!

Beer House opened its doors in July 2002 and is the only and unique restaurant-brewery in Estonia, which produces 7 sorts of "living" non-filtered and unpasteurized beer.


The restaurant's interior is created in the style of Austrian beer houses. The restaurant´s Beer Square embraces you with the atmosphere of the Vienna streets and in summer time here is opened the longest terrace in the Old Town.


The recipes of the beer brewed in Beer House are originating from Bavarian breweries of the XVI century. The brewing technology of unique premium class beer is under the close supervision of the brew masters team, headed by our master brewer Eve Toomela, who is qualified by the most famous Austrian brew masters. For the production of the best „living“ beer we are using only the high quality raw materials: malt we bring from Austria, yeast and hops from Germany..



The Beer House menu has been developed by the professional team of chefs, headed by the Brand-chef Dmitri Rooz. He is the multiple winner of different culinary competitions and festivals, the laureate of Bocuse d'Or - the world's most prestigious international competition of high-cuisine chefs. All the dishes of our house are made with heart and soul, food products are selected very carefully!




Family of Beer House values in its business particularly the honesty and sense of duty, this is one of the reasons we have so high titles like “Leader in the brewing“ and „The best restaurant-brewery in Estonia“.