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How the beer is made at Beer House

Beer is made of four main components – malt, hops, yeast and water. The best raw materials give our beer top quality. Malt we get from Austria, hops and yeast from Germany Using imported raw materials is not some sort of caprice. Simply hops grown in our regions are not of great quality and malt is produced for us by a company that is specialized in providing micro-breweries.Equipment of Beer House brewery has been built by Salmi, an Austrian company, who has produced such inventory for nearly hundred years. Beers are brewed according to German recipes, some of whish date back to the 16. century. So we can say that only water and manpower are local.

Beer making process (wort boiling) starts in the middle of the big hall, just under the eyes of our clients. From the hall wort is pumped into large tanks where it brews 5 - 6 days and then 21 days matures. Whole beer making process takes 27-28 days. Beer House is producing ‘living beer, this is nonfiltered and nonpasteurized – yeast falls down to the bottom, and from the top clear beer is taken.

Living beer is rich in vitamins B and minerals which are good for metabolism – thats why Beer House beer is healthy when consumed in reasonable quantities.

At home Beer House beer stores till 2 weeks. Usually it is enjoyed much quicker. Cheers!