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Our Beers

Pilsner Gold
Wort density: 12%
Alcohol: ~4, 4 - 4, 6 %
Malt: Pilsner, Karamellhell 

Light German-style lager beer with a golden accent, natural bitterness and perfect softness, which harmonise with fresh hop flavour. Contemporary brewing classics, one of the most famous beer varieties in the world. 
Märzen speziel
Wort density: 12, 5 %
Alcohol: ~ 4, 3 - 4, 5 %
Malt: Pilsner, Müncher, Karamellextrahell

With a rich taste of caramel and a pleasant aroma. Copper tone is achieved by using the special blend of different malts during the brewing process. Love for the beer starts with Märzen!
Dunkles Extra
Wort density: 13 %
Alcohol: ~ 4,6 - 4,8 %
Malt: Pilsner, Müncher, Karamellextrahell, Karamelldunkel, cofeemalt

Dark beer with a rich colour and a soft, pleasant taste. During the brewing process there is added some coffee malt, which is frequently used in the recipes of the dark beer. This allows to maintain a fine malt flavor, but has a softer aftertaste. The true fans of foamy drink consider Dunkles as the top of the beer brewing masterclass. 
Helles Light
Wort density: 12 %
Alcohol: ~ 4, 7 - 4,9 %
Malt: Pilsner

Gentle, with a pleasant aftertaste and moderate malty accent, practically without the taste of bitterness. Light beer  lovers do appreciate the pure, light taste and wonderful freshness of this beer variety.
Medovar Honey

Wort density: 12, 5 %
Alcohol: ~ 4, 3 - 4, 5 %
Malt: Pilsner, Müncher, Karamellextrahell + honey 

Produced by adding the local honey to the basis of beer Märzen Speziel. Mild, amber-coloured with a pleasant taste and aroma of honey.
Vana Viini
Wort density: 13 %
Alcohol: ~ 4, 7 - 5, 0 %
Malt: Vana-Viini, Müncher, Karamellextrahell

Lighter version of the half-dark beer with a rich flavor bouquet. Has a refined, elegant and abundant malt flavor and mild aroma of hops. This beer received the highest valuation of the best beer-masters of Austria.
BH Premium
Wort density: 16 %
Alcohol: ~ 5, 0 -5, 3 %
Malt: Pilsner, Müncher, Vana-Viini, Karamellextrahell

Beer House's elite class of half-dark beer. The strenght and the bouquet of flavors of this variety is achieved in natural way by increasing the precentage of malt added during the brewing process. This drink was loved by Prussian king who considered it worthy of the Royal Brewery.

Maistiaiset Pilsner Gold 0,25 l Märzen Speziel 0,25 l Dunkles Extra 0,25 l Helles Light 0,25 l Medovar Honey 0,25 l Vana Viini 0,25 l BH Premium 0,25 l