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Beer House`s beer takeaway is an excellent possiblity to enjoy our beer at home or make a nice present to Your friends. Beer is packed in special 1 or 2 litre bottles with ceramic caps, manufactured in Germany. At home Beer House beer keeps frsh up to approx 2 weeks.

House beer takeaway:


Pilsner Gold   1L 6.00
Märzen Speziel   1L 6.00
Dunkles Extra   1L 6.00
Helles Light   1L 6.00
Vana-Viini Lager   1L 8.00
Medovar Honey   1L 8.00
Beer House Premium   1L 9.00
+ Pudel   1L  5.00
    2L 15.00




Pleasant and tasty past-time begets nice memories. To remember the trip to Beer House You are welcome to by some of our souvenirs.

Postcard 2.00 €
Lighter 2.00 €
Bag 1.50 €
Beer Mug 0,5 L 7.00 €
Beer Mug 1 L 13.00 €
Cooler 11.00 €