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Project in Russia


On the 32nd of May in 2011, opened its doors the first and only Art-Show-Restaurant Balagan City in Voronezh, Russia. This restaurant is unique because of its size and the conception. The creators of the project are known in Estonia through brands such as Beer House, Korsaar and many other popular places located in Tallinn.

City Jenorow, located in 5,000 square meters, is a unique format of the restaurants, weaving together both medieval and modern traditions in an eclectic atmosphere of the European city. Balagan City, being a combination of art, show and restaurant, is the place where everyone can find something for themselves and will not miss the special impressions.

Art-Show-Restaurant Balagan City is the place where you can admire the architecture of the old town and learn about its unusual history, watch the show where you can´t find any similar, drink beer which is made on the spot, being brewed directly in front of the visitors eyes with the famous Austrian brewery equipment, manufactured by Salm, and enjoy a delicious food prepared by professional chefs.

Balagan-City has plenty of places which are suitable for people with different tastes. Promenade: street with a beautiful view and tables in a style of Paris cafés, Cheese Restaurant: a cozy place for esthetes, town square with stage, outdoor furniture and bar for those who want to relax while being in the heart of events.

There is an area what is in German beer restaurant style, prototype of restaurant-brewery Beer House situated in Tallinn. For friendly groups there are comfortable houses and for those who need to retreat from the hubbub of the crowd and the general noise. There are many beautiful places and unusual interiors. There is also VIP – zone for special guests.

The interiors of the restaurant are made of natural materials and even the clothes of the waiters are made obeyed by the classic design and traditional technologies.


In the Balagan City market square the visitors can see a really great selection of food which offers beauty for the eyes, as well the nice aroma experience. In the restaurant selection there are represented 10 different cuisines from all around the world: Japanese, Italian, German, Spanish, Estonian, the Caucasus and other countries cuisines.

The menu has starters and main courses, a large selection of cold snacks and of course unique works of our famous-brand chef Dmitry Rooz ,who is winner of various prestigious chef competitions. Dinner menu has been created especially for gourmet taste and satisfaction seekers and as well for those who are eager to drink the tasty beer and other drinks.

In Voronezh restaurant-Beer House there are brewed seven sorts of beer which is unfiltered, unpasteurized and are produced from the best malt of Austria, from unique Czech hops and from the wonderful water of Voronezh, which passes thorough cleaning process. Company’s O.Salm & Co beer producing equipment is considered the best in Europe, also installed in Balagan-City, the company itself as a beer producer has won a lot of beer festivals. The beer brewed in Balagan City is corresponding to German beer quality requirements, accepted in 1516. Beer is our pride and visitors satisfaction!

The show performed in the restaurant makes a special honor. The Show production has contributed by the best directors and producers. Special dancers, acrobats, artists and singers has been hired, colorful costumes has been decorated specially for the show and added the music composed by modern and classic composers. On the top of all added a high quality light and sound – this is recipe for success in Balagan Show!

Performances are regularly alternating from one after the other; show program constantly develops and changes. In general, the words are redundant here - just come and see by yourself with your own eyes – it is not possible to find the same anywhere in the world. And it's not an exaggeration!

Every city has its own well-known people and Balagan City is no exception. For especially important guests the restaurant has the VIP zone, where is tastefully decorated Black Tavern Club Lounge, the same in Tallinn is very popular among local and trendy young people.

In Jenorow there is also anchored in another pirate schooner gourmet restaurant Korsaar, as well created by the Estonian restaurateurs. Incredible cuisine from exotic raw materials and with a beautiful serving is offered in Korsaar which satisfying even the most demanding evaluator senses. In addition there is the best view from restaurant Korsaar to the show. For VIP Club members are good prices.

The idea of creating great Art-Show-Restaurant, combining good food, own brewery and bright show came to Pavel Gammer, the creator of Estonian restaurants on the 20... Gradually was born the name - Balagan-City, in the balagan city.

In the creation of Balagan City participated historians, designers and architects, marketing specialists, various managers, service and kitchen professionals, directors and producers.

Finally on the 32nd of May 2011, on the edge of spring and summer, the Art-Show-Restaurant Balagan City opened its doors to everybody. By the way anthem for Balagan City has been written by the famous composer Alexander Zhurbin who is also the author of the rock opera "Orpheus and Eurydice."

Welcome to Jenorowi, to the only one in the world - Art-Show-Restaurant!!!